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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Old Automobile Transporters

1930 macam mana keadaan negara kita masa tu ? masih pakai cawat ke ?
How cool are these transporters? And the cars.....wonderful. What a photographic time warp.
 Looks to me these shots were from ’46 to ‘56 The F100 Ford trucks are interesting. Â
God bless the poor drivers...those COE trucks drove & rode so hard. No power nothing----! ! They were lucky to have an AM radio, heater, & some extra running lights. And the GMC truck more than likely had a  bird screamer  6-71 Detroit diesel to keep your foot hammered to the floor with.
Some great cars on those transports.. ...the last photo is really nice. The whole rig "shines " STYLE!!!! I just wish some were in color!


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