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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Living on the Edge

The photos are of a tiny town by the name of castellfollit de la roca in Spain,
an incredible looking stretch of houses that all seem to be resting
on a single ridge of rock.

Welcome to ronda , a beautiful city in southern Spain which is split in two by el tajo gorge. As a result, certain buildings have been perched on the edge of the gorge's verticall walls, enormous cliffs bridged by the 200 year old peunte neuvo. Now, although living on the edge of that gigantic 130m crack would give me the shakes, i'd much rather live there than bonifacio…

This is bonifacio in Corsica.
This fragile looking citadel sits precariously above limestone cliffs
which over the years have been battered by the Mediterranean sea,
a process which is apparent by both the piles of eroded stone at the base
and the overhang of the cliff walls. How long before the next building gets swallowed?
No idea, but from the look of the first photo it can't be long.


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